Product Notes

Our products are 100% real, natural stone. East West Stone does not artificially enhance color, density, or composition of the stone. All of the materials we sell are cut from stone blocks that have been quarried. 

Natural stone can have more of less color than shown in photos in our catalog and our website. The color contrast can vary from layer to layer of stone, from sunny to cloudy days, and from picture resolution to print settings. Keep in mind that stone is a product of nature and will vary in color, size, texture and character. Every lot we receive may have a slight variance. 

Masons are artists. No two masons will have the same vision on sizes, amount of color, and use of blend on a project. For this reason it is always helpful to provide your mason or contractor a photo or the color you desire. This will help give your mason direction in building your project with respect to your vision.

To ensure lasting beauty and to protect your stone against spills and stains, it is recommended to seal all East West Stone surfaces. Sealants are available at your East West Stone dealer in either matte or gloss finish to meet your desired look. 

For Beachwood, Everest Marble, Siberian Cloud and Crystal White; Laticrete 254 Platinum should be used or a modified latex thin set.