For Beachwood, Everest Marble, Siberian Cloud and Crystal White; Laticrete 254 Platinum should be used or a modified latex thin set.

Customer must determine appropriate use for any natural stone products purchased.

Gniess, Quartzite, Slate and Travertine are products of nature and their beauty ascends from forces and minerals which permeate them. Therefore, they are subject to variance in size, thickness, texture, color, hardness, slip resistance, density, and bleeding due to iron content. All sizes and weights are approximate and may vary. 

The Midnight Sky material has a high iron content and is prone to bleeding.

Any sample submitted are with the understanding that these qualities are inherent in the nature of the product of merchandise for any type of application and are not to be considered latent defects. East West Stone, LLC. cannot be held liable in any cause of action and makes no expressed or implied warranty of merchandise for any type of application.

Use East West Stone in pools and spas at your own risk. Salt and chemicals may cause damage to stone products. 

Product categories and classifications such as Granite, Limestone, Slate, Sandstone, Travertine, Quartzite, etc., are based on generally accepted industry standards. They do not necessarily reflect the geological composition of the material. In many cases, these materials are technically made of a different geological makeup. For example, many stones are commonly known as granites, but geologically they are actually Charnockites, Polimitic Mataconglomerates and any other various different geological stones. In addition, many stones commonly referred to as marble are geologically limestone. Products shown on the East West Stone website reflect the industry classification of products and do not necessarily reflect the geological composition. East West Stone makes no guarantee or representation of the geological composition of any stone. In addition, the category reflected on our website should not necessarily be used for customs classification. If the geological composition is important, we suggest getting the product tested by a scientific laboratory.