East West Stone’s innovative products combine all the natural beauty, tones and textures of old world stone with a touch of modern innovation. For your convenience, we have organized our products into types of stone.


Please note:

To ensure lasting beauty and to protect your stone against spills and stains, it is recommended to seal all East West Stone surfaces. Sealants are available at your East West Stone dealer in either matte or gloss finish to meet your desired look.

Customer must determine appropriate use for any natural stone products purchased. Natural stone is a product of nature and inherently lacks uniformity and is subject to variation in color, hardness, strength, slip resistance, density and bleeding due to iron content. Any samples submitted are with the understanding that these qualities are inherent in the nature of the product and are not to be considered latent defects. East West Stone, llc. cannot be held liable in any cause of action and makes no expressed or implied warranty of merchandise for any type of application.