Affordable Home Make-Overs

Add lasting beauty and value to your home with the next generation of natural stone products from
East West Stone.

Imported from the Far East, these exquisite stone flooring, landscaping and veneer products bring together two distant cultures—traditional Asian craftsmanship and contemporary Western home design. Transform unsightly concrete, stucco and other surfaces into elegant works of art. East West Stone products go beyond enhancing your home; they will elevate your lifestyle.

Wide Array of Products and Applications

Choose from our attractive selection of Matted Flagstone, Veneer Panels and Modular Ledgestone Column sections that are engineered to be fitted or stacked together quickly and seamlessly. A simple walk around your property will spark your imagination to the many opportunities to enhance your home with natural stone. Popular applications of East West Stone products include:

  • Home facade, archways & columns
  • Driveways & walkways
  • Interior flooring, interior and exterior walls
  • Patios, decks, porches and balconies
  • Water features and landscaped pathways
  • Planter boxes and retaining walls
  • Fireplaces and chimneys

Builders and Architects Appreciate East West Stone

For new custom homes or major remodels and renovations, builders and architects are embracing East West Stone’s authentic materials, desirable styling and ease of installation. Indoors and out, natural stone flooring, walkways, columns and wainscoting are completed faster and more affordably than projects that utilize “loose” supplies of stone. It’s a streamlined way to enhance and appreciate any home or building.

Builders and Architects Appreciate East West Stone

East West Stone’s innovative products combine all the natural beauty, tones and textures of old world stone with a touch of modern innovation. Unlike loose supplies of flagstone, ledgestone and cobbles, which must be cut and fitted - one piece at a time - East West Stone products are pre-cut and assembled into ready-to-install components. This remarkable new technology simplifies installation and dramatically reduces labor costs and clean-up time.

Install It Yourself, Or Hire A Contractor

All East West Stone products can be installed by homeowners. Flagstone and veneer panels come in easy to handle sizes that fit together like simple puzzle pieces. They quickly create the look of custom, piece by piece stonework - with very little cutting. If you prefer to leave installation to the professionals, ask your East West Stone dealer to refer you to a reputable contractor.

Advantages of East West Stone Products

  • Lasting value and beauty
  • The consistent quality of real stone
  • Matching colors for many Matted Flagstone and Veneer Panels
  • Easier to handle and install than loose stone materials
  • The choice of Do-it-Yourself homeowners
  • Minimal cutting, faster clean-up
  • Stone options: schist, sandstone, slate, limestone and quartzite

Elevate your lifestyle and appreciate your home.